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Red Coach Resort is under development and not all of our amenites are available including Bath house and dogpark. Gigabit fiberoptic WiFi is free for all guests (see your confirmation email for current password).

Red Coach Resort (RCR) is available for recreational camping only.
No one may claim Red Coach Resort as a residence even though we offer long term monthly stays. You must be at least 18 years of age with a valid ID to register for a campsite.

Understand that you are camping at a resort under development, with no bathroom, shower or laundry facilities available at this time. A Dump station is currently available for guest use.

Use all Red Coach Resort facilities at your own risk. RCR is not responsible for damage caused by acts of God, or for losses resulting from theft, property or poor judgement.

This is a campground, with typical water hazards, hills, logs, branches, etc, where guests should stay aleart to their surroundings and understand that they are responsible for their own safety, as well for the safety of their guests, campers, pets and visitors.

Smoking is not allowed in any resort buildings.

Adjusting, modifying or otherwise tampering with park equipment, utilities and facilities, or soliciting (including sign posting) for any purpose is prohibited.

Use and discharge of firearms, cap pistols, air guns, bows and arrows or slingshots are prohibited.

Alcohol consumption is limited to a guest’s RV campsite.

Any behavior or activity that appears to be of an illegal nature will be reported to the county sheriff’s office.

Swimming allowed in designated swimming areas only. Swim at your own risk, no lifeguards on duty.Children swimming must be accompanied by an adult. No swimming after dark.

The use of all off-road vehicles except golf carts are prohibited. All golf cart drivers must be at least 16 years of age with a valid driver’s license.

Red Coach Resort reserves the right to move the current reserved Site to another Site for any reason which may arise, and Sites may NOT be sublet out to alternate guests.

RV's older than 10 years require a photo of your RV to be approved by the office.

Visitors are welcome to use all resort amenities for $5.00/day per person and must register at the office and receive a day pass bracelet. All campers are responsible for their visitors, and if non-registered visitors are found at your site, you and your visitors may be asked to leave. All visitors are required to leave by 11:00pm.

Red Coach Resort reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Campsites must be kept neat and tidy, including under campers. We keep a clean resort. Please do not drop cigarette butts or trash onto the ground.
Resort mowing is Monday through Saturday. We must have access to all grass around sites. Please keep all items off the grass. We are not responsible for damaged items left on grass on mowing days.

A state of general quietness shall be in effect between the hours of 10:00pm and 8:00am, which includes no generator use during this time.
One site accommodates only one camping unit as well as 1 to 2 vehicles depending on the site. Overflow parking is provided for up to 2 additional vehicles per Site. All RV’s and vehicles must completely be parked on the site pad with no overhang onto the road or grass. Washing of RV’s or vehicles is not permitted.

It is a violation of park policy to transport outside firewood to the Red Coach Resort unless the wood is USDA certified. This policy is to protect our resort from the introduction of invasive species. Indigenous firewood is available for sale at the Resort office.

The campsite, including fire grill, must be left clean and free of litter upon departure. All garbage must be taken to the dumpster either at the Resort entrance at Camp A, or near the maintenance area at Camp B.

Campfires are only allowed in fire rings or areas designated by management. Do not leave any campfires unattended. Do not burn wood that does not fit within the fire ring. Fire Rings are not to be moved.

Absolutely NO GRILLS TO BE PLACED ON PICNIC TABLES. Picnic tables have a rubber coating to protect the steel and is destroyed by heat. Guests will be charged to replace their picnic table should this policy be ignored.

No live trees, branches, plants or shrubs shall be cut down for any reason. Drainage of water, soap, grease or any other waste product onto the ground, or into anything other than an approved holding tank, or sewage receptacles and dump stations provided, is a violation of State Law. Violations of this policy will be fined up to $500.

No parking in vacant sites allowed unless approved by calling the office. All RVs and vehicles must be completely parked on the pad with no overhang onto road, dirt or grass. Any overflow parking (including visitors) are permitted in overflow areas only.

There is a three-night minimum stay required for holidays. Tent camping is restricted to a maximum stay of 1 week.


Check-out time is before 11:00am and Check-in time is after 3:00pm with a 1hr grace period offered for both. An additional ½ day fee may be added for late check-out or early arrival. See campground host, or call for after-hours check-in.

Rates are based upon three (3) adults, three (3) children, two (2) pets and two (2) vehicles (besides camper) per RV Site. For Sites exceeding these amounts, additional fees apply ranging between $1.00 to $2.00 per day per person/pet/vehicle depending on length of stay. Rates are calculated and displayed during booking process. No charge for registered vistor vehicles.

Should your credit/debit card on file decline the balance due on any transaction after the initial booking, a $10 fee shall be charged as well as an additional $10 for each day your account balance remains unpaid. It is the ongoing guest's responsibility to inform the office of any changes made to their credit card on file, as well as verifying that their bank will release funds on the same day charged.

Rates do not include cost for electricity usage. All guests are charged a 29% Security Deposit at time of booking to ensure the Site is left as it was found. The charge for electricity consumed during stay will be deducted from the Security Deposit, with the remainder refunded at time of departure if the Site is left as it was found. Ongoing guests pay electric costs on a monthly basis.

Ongoing Month-to-Month Guests:
For everyone's safety, a background check is performed on all Ongoing Month-to-Month reservation adults prior to reservation approval ($16/adult fee) as well as also collecting a refundable $400 Security Deposit ($200 up front plus another $200 the 2nd month). A minimum 3-week advance notice must be given to the office prior to the ongoing guest departure date, otherwise an early cancellation fee will be prorated based upon the current daily rate. Ongoing guests pay for previous month's electricity plus next months Site cost combined in a single monthly payment.

All reservations are prepaid in full at time of initial booking.

A Full Refund is offered to guests for requests made 14 days or more prior to their reservation arrival date, minus a $25 service charge. Any request made less than 14 days will incur a prorated early cancellation fee based upon the current daily rate. This fee also applies to any early departure requests made during stay.

No refunds will be given if you are asked to leave due to loud music, rowdiness, abusive language, intoxication, possession/use of drugs or any behavior deemed unacceptable by management may be asked to leave.

Reservation dates may be modified one time by contacting the office at no charge, provided that the modification request is made no later than two weeks prior to the arrival date.

Electricity rates Red Coach Resort charges per Site are representitave of the local Utility rates it pays out. The local Utility company not only charges $/kWh but also charges 3 additional commercial Rates... Demand, Base, and KW Overage. Red Coach Resort incorporates these 3 additional Rates into its single $/kwh Rate, which typically equates to $0.03/kWh above the published single $/kWh Utility rate. The additional $5.20/meter Base charge by our third party WiFi metering service is also passed through to our guests.

All campground rates are subject to change without notice.


You are responsible to stay alert to possible inclement weather, flood watch and tornado warnings. Please Stay Aware of local severe weather postings. In the event of Inclement weather, Public Storm shelters are located in nearby communities, Here are a few that are close by:

Ardmore Community Shelter:29910 Park Avenue, Ardmore, AL 35739

Ardmore City Hall:25844 Main St.,Ardmore, Tennessee 38449

Bobo Vol Fire Department, 7982 Old Railroad Bed Rd, Ardmore, AL 35739

Harvest Youth Club: 230 Lockart Rd. Harvest, Al. 35748 (256-417-7080)

Asbury Church: 8089 Wall Triana Highway, Harvest, AL.

West Limestone High School
10945 School House Rd., Lester, AL 35647
Holds 1,000 people and Will be open to the public after school hours only

Wooley Springs Community Shelter (Wooley Springs Baptist Church)
26069 AL Hwy. 251, Elkmont, AL 35620


Pets must be kept under control by their owners and on a leash 10ft or less at all times, where owners are completely responsible for their pet. All pets must be licensed and up to date on shots. Pets are not allowed in any resort buildings. No more than four pets allowed per site. All pets must be approved by management. No aggressive pet behavior, breeds or mixes allowed (i.e. pit bulls, Dobermans). Loud or aggressive animals are not permitted. Pets are not to be left unattended outdoors. All pet waste must be bagged and disposed of properly at supplied pet recepticles located throughout the resort.


Those who are boarding animals in stalls or pastures at the Red Coach Equestrian Farm are completely responsible for care, safety, feeding, and all other aspects of their animals. Red Coach policy is that staff have no interaction with any animal.
There are no horse trails on property and therefore no riding of animals on resort property permitted.
A Full Refund is offered to guests for requests made 14 days or more prior to their reservation arrival date, minus a $30 service charge. Any request made less than 14 days will incur a prorated early cancellation fee based upon the current daily rate. Month-to-Month Ongoing guests require a 3-week notice prior to their departure date not to incur an early cancellation fee, also prorated based upon the current daily rate. Travel Protection insurance is available for an additional cost to cover other refund issues associated with unexpected travel situations.

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